Businesses and individuals work with coaches for all kinds of reasons, like professional development, goals, or management. We know coaching works and in business, nearly always offers a return on the investment. Research has also discovered an unexpected side effect. 

When people revealed what would make them happy, two responses tied for first place: a $41,542 increase in income, and getting a few months of coaching or counseling.

Now, research shows that extra money almost never increases happiness. With money off the table, that leaves coaching.

Does coaching really increase happiness?

As it turns out, yes, but indirectly – which is why nobody even thought about researching it until 2009. A survey of people who had worked with a business coach found:

  • An 84% improvement in goal achievement. Not very surprising.
  • 75% said coaching helped them improve their relationships, and
  • more than 50% said coaching boosted self-confidence – even when those weren’t goals!

Of course, you may not have a specific reason in mind for working with a coach, and that’s fine. Just like in sports, the purpose of coaching is to help you get to the next level – you can decide what that means. Maybe you’d focus on leadership, or maybe some strategy. Maybe you want to update your branding and create a little competitive edge.

If you’re running a business, think about how nearly double the goal achievement might affect things. Think about how better relationships (with your crew, your customers, or even your significant other) might improve morale – and life at work and at home. Think about how even greater confidence might benefit business.

There’s one more thing that might make you happy: coaching isn’t necessarily expensive. Options range from long-term goal-oriented contracts to simple audits or single session troubleshooting.

So, what’s standing between you and some happy side effects?

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