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The 2-Minute Guide to Business Psychology

“What, exactly, is business psychology?”

It’s a good question, because what it implies is only part of what it is.

The family tree.  I'm on the boundary-pushing side.
The family tree.
I’m on the boundary-pushing side.

Business psychology is also called organizational psychology. It’s an area of study that pushes the boundaries. While business is the most widely known application, we’re interested in making all kinds of organizations – work, school, government, church, family – better. Better efficiency and productivity, better growth potential, better appeal to consumers, better to be a part of, whatever.

As an applied psychology, there’s a strong focus on research, numbers, measurements, and data analysis. Partly, it’s because we want to be sure our ideas actually work, and partly, we’re nerds like that.

Not that kind of nerd.   (image: marieclaire.com)
Not that kind of nerd.
(image: marieclaire.com)

It’s not all business and number-crunching. Sometimes, we get to be superheroes, saving a business on the brink of crisis. Sometimes, it’s our faces on the dartboards when changes need to be made. (It’s okay, we can take it.)

I especially like to work with small organizations: micro-businesses, small businesses and organizations. Because sometimes, many times, I get to be a magician, and help someone realize a dream and turn their vision into reality.

I've never worn a cape to work.
I’ve never worn a cape to work.

Nah, not really. It’s nothing like magic. It’s more like a blend of statistics, coffee, practical applications, some quantum intuition, and if you’re lucky, some pyrotechnics, because work should be fun. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong.

I realize this is a short post and it’s not jam-packed with helpful tips like all my other posts. But I’d still really appreciate it if you shared this one. Even better, this would be a great post to ask a question that you’ve been thinking about for a while, or to leave me a comment.

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