6 (More) Reasons You Should Be Thinking About Pirates

Pirate Psych brain and swords

            Why pirates? Because in this brave new world, people seem increasingly afraid to color outside the lines and bend the rules, even when it’s the best thing to do. Pirates represent rebellion and escape from convention. (If you missed Part One of this short series about pirates, you can read it here:  http://wp.me/p2ALM6-du ) So here are six more reasons to think about pirates:

  1. Piracy was not a 9-to-5 gig. It was a way of life. Pirates were committed to their cause the way charismatic leaders are to their organizations. They have vision, they understand the challenges they need to overcome, and they’re ready because every challenge gets them closer to their goal. That attitude doesn’t come with just 8 hours of dedication each day.
  2. Pirates ventured where no one else dared. They filled in the missing areas of the map. They did things others feared to do. I posted some lighter material on G+ two years ago and got called out for it. But now everybody’s doing it. It’s not the worst thing to be ahead of the curve.
  3. Pirates were incredibly open to diversity. All nationalities and ethnicities were accepted. And while many ships had rules forbidding women, there were plenty of successful female pirate captains. There was no worry about some group being offended because the same rules applied to everyone. If you didn’t like it, you were free to leave. But those who stayed learned tolerance, understanding, and better communication.
  4. Pirates rewarded loyalty and commitment with more than a gold watch after 20 years. Those who behaved exceptionally were recognized. Their accomplishments were made public and sometimes they received rewards from the captain’. They had insurance benefits for those who were injured and pension plans for the elderly, as well. Today, we’re so civilized that many companies ignore their front line people. For that matter, many friends ignore the accomplishments of their own friends.
  5. A pirate crew was a well-oiled machine of specialists who worked well together with minimal supervision. True, there was always a captain, a first mate, a boatswain. There was a carpenter, a cook, perhaps a tailor or musician. But these people were also capable deck hands, marksmen, and so on. Everyone could work with and benefit from each other’s uniqueness. Today, the workplace under-employs talented people. If we don’t see alternate skill sets in family or friends, we tend to assume others don’t have them, which tends to be untrue.
  6. For obvious reasons, the typical pirate lifespan was shorter than the norm. This meant that pirates lived life to the fullest. Perhaps often to excess, but can you blame them? I’m a supporter of moderation; after all, we’re not pirates and with reasonable health we can expect to live two or three times as long as most pirates. But their attitude is one we could adopt. Be willing to go and see what’s out there. Plan, plan some more, and remain flexible. Laugh in the face of convention. Don’t let fear stop you from making an attempt.

Like this? Of course you did! Let the world know, and share it! Or, at the very least, leave a comment telling all of us how you have already embraced piracy in your life.

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1 thought on “6 (More) Reasons You Should Be Thinking About Pirates

  1. It took Johnny Depp, later in my life, to help me see advantages and opportunities offered by piracy. Aside from him, even. Planning and focusing and deciding to let the world take a flying leap when it tries to fence me in. Thanks, Adina, for reinforcement.

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