20 Ways Your Business Is Doing It Right

You’ve heard the advice to treat your employees well and they’ll treat your customers well. Unfortunately, too many companies only think they’re doing it. Rather than more what-not-to-do advice, here’s a short list of ways to know you’ve got a more positive and successful work environment.

You know your business is doing it right when:

  • an open-door policy means people actually stop by with a question, an idea, or just to say hi
  • meetings are scheduled with plenty of advance notice except in extreme emergencies
  • on slow days, employees find things to do, or ask for projects
  • turnover is lower than average for your industry
  • employees don’t mind problem-solving (as opposed to passing a problem off to someone else)
  • there are few, if any, conflicting expectations
  • though employees may not live for the company, they view their time as a productive stepping stone rather than a dead-end
  • employees have the tools and authority they need to get things done
  • managers know what employees are doing without micro-managing
  • employees are allowed to have a life
  • credit is given when and to whom it is due
  • people at all levels interact with each other with respect and friendliness
  • management models respect and basic courtesy
  • every employee understands his/her connection to the big picture
  • communication is constant
  • everyone is treated fairly (though not necessarily equally, since no two workers are the same) and with empathy
  • fun is allowed and even occurs on a regular basis
  • employees who want to progress within the company are usually able to do so
  • every employee is on-board with the company vision
  • motivation is not necessarily monetized, but is always effective

This is just the tip of the iceberg. What are some other ways you’ve seen businesses – big or micro – doing things right with employees?

– Adina

© 2013 All rights reserved | Adina Wollam, M.S. | adinawollam.wordpress.com

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