Burnout 2

            Too much stress ultimately leads to burnout. We know that. But it’s a long and gradual process, and we don’t all experience it the same way. This makes it hard to recognize until it’s nearly in full swing. This checklist will help you determine your risk:

At work, do you regularly:

Over-extend lunch, arrive late, or leave early?
Find yourself ready for a break after an hour of work?
Feel anxiety or depression on Sunday nights?
Know exactly how long it will be before you leave for the day?
Feel so sleepy or exhausted you can barely get yourself out of bed or stay awake on the job?
Not care that you’re not doing your best work?
Feel less interested in your work than when you were first hired?
Feel negative about other parts of your life?
Feel frustrated because everyone else’s needs come before yours?
Share a harsh or cynical sense of humor with other coworkers?
Juggle conflicting instructions or policies in order to get things done?
Have trouble sleeping?
Suffer from minor viruses, illnesses, or allergy attacks?
Experience memory lapses or difficulty concentrating?
Feel passive-aggressive when someone asks you to do something extra?
Have to multi-task or work extra hours just to stay caught up?
Get assigned tasks without enough information or resources to do them?
Face a lack of support or constructive feedback from supervisors?
Have to cross-train in areas in which you have no experience or aptitude?
Get bypassed when it comes to raises or promotions, especially because you don’t play politics?

            If you answered “yes” to four or more of these questions without any physical or personal cause, you are definitely in the danger zone. It’s probably a good idea to take a day off.

            If you’re an employer and you know of more than one employee who is facing burnout, you probably know how much burnout can cost you.  Here’s a FREE ebook download with nearly two months’ of ideas to reduce and manage stress: 

More Than A Month of Stress Relief

– Adina


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